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An Agricultural Game Changer to benefit farmers and the entire food system.

Through a patented process, the X-Steam-inator sprayer uses electricity to generate high temperature steam on demand to kill weeds and terminate plant growth. Invented in Saskatchewan, the X-Steam-inator has obvious applications for both conventional and organic farmers. Weed growth can be controlled prior to spring seeding. The sprayer can be configured to provide weed control between crop rows. And chemical free crop desiccation prior to harvest will be possible.

X-Steam-inator vs. conventional sprayer

Cost: Purchasing an X-Steam-inator will represent an additional fixed cost since most farmers will need to keep their conventional sprayer for in-crop selective weed control and fungicide applications. However, each acre sprayed with the X-Steam-inator will create a significant cost saving. While extra fuel will be required for electricity generation, this will be more than offset because no chemical is required. In two or three seasons, an X-Steam-inator will pay for itself.

Herbicide residue risk: Eliminated with the X-Steam-inator. No soil residue to hurt subsequent crops. No residue in the grain to create safety and trade concerns. Reliance on glyphosate will be dramatically reduced.

Herbicide-resistant weeds: Not a problem with the X-Steam-inator. In fact, its widespread use will slow the spread of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Water usage: A little bit of water makes a great deal of steam. The X-Steam-inator will use significantly less water than what producers are using to apply herbicides. While it will need to go through reverse osmosis, a tank of water will go a long way.

Projected Timeline for Commercialization

2019 – Construct and test X-Steam-inator prototypes to understand steam temperature, travel speed and plant density / plant size interactions. Commercial partnerships evaluated. Concept promotion.

2020 – Testing continues. Commercial partnerships forged. Canadian farmers get the first opportunity for widespread field-scale evaluation of the technology.